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Myanmarspeed’s April Babe of the Month: Soon to be Doctor – Chal Chal


April is always a special month in Myanmar as this is the month we celebrate Thingyan. That is why we will make this months babe of the month really special as we feature Chal Chal. Hnin Eaint Chal or Chal Chal as what people call her is a 3rd year medical student in mandalay.

Name: Hnin Eaint Chal

Age: 19

School: 3rd year student at university of Medicine (Mandalay)

Hobbies : Reading & Bicycling

Favorite hang out: With my squad

Myanmarspeed.com asks Chal Chal to complete the following so we can get to know her more

when i was young i wanted to be : Doctor
my favorite cartoon character is …. Mr.Bean
my idea of a romantic date is …… A romantic date at the beach
the one thing i can’t live without is …… Food & Mom
my favorite type of music is ……. Pop Music
my favorite singer is…….. Taylor Swift
the food i can eat everyday is ……Rice, I’m a rice person.
the movie that made me cry is …….. I cry easily and most of Drama films make me cry lol 😀
my ideal man is ……. someone who is caring, smart and on the physical attribute, I want someone who is Tall

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