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Featured Car Club – Myanmar Mark 2 Family

During Thingyan when I was just going around to experience and enjoy the festivities, I noticed two Mark 2 cars speeding down the road. Those 2 cars looked really amazing and I said I need to feature those cars for the readers to see. I chased them and it was not that easy as their cars are really fast. So it was a very long chase but finally I got to talk to them and found out that they are part of Myanmar Mark 2 Family.

So Myanmarspeed.com readers let’s meet Myanmar Mark 2 Family

MS: Why call your car club Myanmar Mark 2 Family?
MMF: Our club is just a family of mark 2 lovers, that’s why we named Myanmar mark 2 family
MS: Who is the founder of the club?

MMF: Our family was founded on mid-2014 by 5 brothers who desperately crazy about Mark 2.

Our main aim is to share our knowledge about Mark 2 , to support/help each other.
our family doesn’t restrict all the members by rules, all the members just needs to be loyal to the family.
MS: How many members do you have?
MMF: We have 115 members currently.
MS: How can others join in the club?
MMF: We welcome everyone to join our family and you just need to post on our page or group by mentioning that you want to join .And we will contact you within one hour.After submitting the member’s details and car details, we will arrange sticker and ID ( code number and nick name of the members) within one week. Myanmar Mark 2 Facebook Page
MS: How often do members meet?
MMF: We do usually meet once in every two weeks and we use to go for donation , charity and funfair /street party .We invite everyone to join our events.

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