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Myanmarspeed’s May 2017 Babe of the Month: Hsu Pyae

Greetings Myanmarspeed.com readers! I hope everyone had fun last month! Since May is the start of the new Year here in Myanmar, we thought of starting things with a bang! We thought and asked ourselves “why not start with featuring a new face?”. Therefore Today we bring you Myanmarspeed’s Babe of the Month for May, Model Hsu Pyae Nandar! 😉

Name : Hsu Pyae Nandar

Age: 17

School: YUFL (German)

Work: Photo Model, Catwalk Model

Hobbies: Shopping

Favorite Hangout – Malls

Myanmarspeed.com asks Hsu Pyae to complete the following so we can get to know her more

When I was young I wanted to be: A Famous Star. I am now working on that dream.

You should be surprised to know that I am a Justin Bieber fan since Grade 6 and also I have 4 Cats and they’re so lovely!

My Favourite cartoon character is: Bella

My idea of a romantic date is: having dinner together at a Luxury restaurant and talking about our future.

The one thing I can’t live without is: LOVE

My Favorite type of music is: EDM, Rap and Pop but I also listen to other types of music.

My favorite singers are: Justin Bieber, Rihanna,CL, Chris Brown and Beyonce.

The food I can eat everyday is: Chicken curry or Fried Chicken.

The movie that made me cry is: The Fault In our Stars

My ideal man is: a gentleman who is older than me and who can take care of me, understand me, Love me with all of his heart and lastly support me in every situation may it be good or bad.

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