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Top 10 Countries that are greatly in love with Super cars


We often see a lot of sports cars here in the streets of myanmar. But rarely do we see super cars. When I say super cars it’s the likes of the Ferrari’s, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Mclaren and more. So that got me curious and I did my research to find out which countries has the most number of super cars

So here’s the Top 10 Countries with the most Super Cars

10. Belgium

Belgians love their motor racing. After all, their country is also home to one of the most challenging circuits in the world – Spa-Francorchamps in the Ardennes Forest. According to the Facebook data, Aston Martins are a particular favourite in Belgium.

9. Portugal

The Portuguese aren’t just passionate about supercars (especially Pagani), they love motorsport on two and four wheels. Here’s a shot of Andreas Mikkelsen and Anders Jaeger, both from Norway, competing in their Volkswagen Polo R WRC during the Porto street stage of the WRC Portugal in 2016.

8. United Arab Emirates


Italian supercars Lamborghini and Ferrari are particularly popular with the wealthy of Dubai. Here’s the awesome new Lambo showroom!

7. Qatar


These cars were photographed taking part in the the Qatar Desert Tour in 2015, but the oil-rich country has some decent roads for supercars too… and there’s no shortage of money to buy them. Qataris are especially fond of Aston Martins.

6. Italy

Italians know a thing or two about thoroughbred, so it’s no surprise that they’re huge supercar fans. Needless to say, Ferrari and Lamborghini top their list of favourites, with Maserati not far behind.

5. Slovakia

Slovakia is becoming a automotive production hub. Jaguar Land Rover has started construction of its new manufacturing facility, while Kia Motors celebrated its 10th year building cars there in 2016. Slovakians have great supercar taste too – their top two cars are the Koenigsegg and Porsche.

4. Germany

With unrestricted sections of autobahn, Germany is a natural environment for supercars. It would seem that Germans love British engineering too because their country boasts the highest concentration of Noble fans, with a relative popularity that’s 31 times the global average.

3. Croatia

Croatians are big McLaren fans, but soon the country’s own Rimac Concept One, which has been described as the world’s first electric supercar, could top the list. Founded by Mate Rimac, in just seven years Rimac Automobili – and based in Zagreb – has become a world leader in electric drivetrains.

2. Saudi Arabia

There’s no shortage of cash in oil-rich Saudi Arabia, though not all the roads are ideal for supercars. Saudis are fans of McLarens, especially, with Bugatti and Maserati not far behind.

1. New Zealand

Judging by this picture of congested traffic in Auckland, New Zealand isn’t natural supercar territory. And yet, according to Facebook Audience Insights, New Zealand has the highest concentration of supercar fanatics, with the Pagani being a particular favourite.

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