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5 Most Commonly Replaced Car Parts and When to Change Them

Routine vehicle maintenance includes replacing car parts that fail due to normal wear and tear or a lack of proper maintenance. The following car parts are the ones that are most commonly replaced on cars and trucks.


When your vehicle’s battery starts to age, performance suffers and risk of failure increases. Should this happen when you’re away from home, your car will likely require a jump start to get going. Acid stratification and low charge are the most common causes of battery failure, although poor driving habits such as leaving lights and air conditioner running when the car isn’t started and taking trips that are too short to allow the battery to fully charge can also cause problems. A good rule of thumb is to replace the battery every four to five years and check it every so often for dirty terminals, damaged cables and physical defects.


Brake lights, turn signals, taillights and other small external lights are car parts that tend to fail more often than headlights. Since you can’t see when this happens while sitting inside the vehicle, you should inspect the lights on a regular basis. Have a friend stand outside while you test ea


Performance problems such as difficulty starting your vehicle, slow acceleration, rough idling and misfiring or surging of the engine may indicate that it’s time for new spark plugs. This is an inexpensive repair and it’s not too difficult to replace the plugs on your own. Check your owner’s manual to locate the plugs, and look for any visible wear and tear. Carefully unscrew the old plugs, clean the threads inside the terminal, and lubricate the threads of the new plugs before installing them.


If you experience continued problems with your windshield wipers, flashers, heater and other vehicle instruments, you could be dealing with a failing fuse. To tell for sure whether or not this is the problem, locate the fuse box in your car and check for any black fuses. You can also hold fuses up to the light to see if the interior wire is broken. Blown fuses can’t be repaired, but in most cases you can replace the damaged part yourself.


Although keyless entry can be a lifesaver when you’re heading to the car with an armload of groceries, these systems are no stranger to issues. One of the most common issues affecting keyless entry is battery failure in the remote, which is easily fixed by replacing the depleted battery with a new one. Another common issue is caused by improper storage of the remote: unintended activation of the locking mechanism or panic alarm when buttons are accidentally pressed happens much more often than you might imagine. If the system doesn’t work at all and the battery isn’t the issue, have your mechanic check for a bad circuit, as well as the motor in the vehicle’s door lock.

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