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Double the Surprise for September Babe of the Month – Eaint Chuu San

 As promised, we will be having two Babe of the Month for September. We have a Lady that is a keeper. She is Talent, Beauty and Braid all in one. Why do I say this? Well for starters she is a Part Time Model ( it’s no surprise just by looking at her pictures ). She also runs her own business, designs clothes and bakes. Oh did I mention that she is also learning different languages? Talk about someone being busy with her schedule
Let’s to know Eaint Chuu San more
Name-Eaint Chuu San
Nick name-Chuu
School-LL.B ,Diploma in YUFL (Thai)
Work-own business
Fill in the blanks
The thing I won’t leave home without is -Phone
When I was young I wanted to be a -Business Woman – Dream Fufilled
My favorite Anime is -Poke’mon
My idea of a romantic date is -no idea for that – I guess because she is busy
The most important thing in my room is -book stand
If there is one thing i would like to try doing is – want to travel Europe trip alone – Can i come?
I like a man who is – Understand
My worst habit is – I’m a bit impatient
The best thing about me is –  I have a heart for helping people in need
What I want people to know of me is – Im open book. What you see is what you get
Choose between the 2
Batman or Superman  – Superman
Android or OIS (apple) – IOS ofcourse
Xmen or Avengers – X Men
Beach or Expensive Restaurant – Beach
Rock Music or Hiphop – Hip Hop
The Weekend or Justin Bieber – The Weekend
Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift
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