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Free Tire safety check launched by Bridgestone

One of the most overlooked parts of our Car but is the most abused on a daily basis is our Car’s Tires. It is essential that our Tires are at the best condition at all times. Bridgestone recently had an event and offered free tire check in Myanmar Culture Valley. They will have their next free Tire Checkup sessions on October 28-29 from 10am to 5pm still in Myanmar Culture Valley

Check out some of the footage of those who got free Tire Check Up from Bridgestone

Here are some Tips coming from Bridgestone

1. Tire pressure

Tire inflation has a direct impact on driver safety and performance, so it should be effectively maintained to ensure optimized driving, tire life and mileage. Tire pressure can decrease by one psi a month, and because inflation can also fluctuate with the outside temperature, it’s imperative to check tire pressure before every summer road trip. Over-inflated tires can result in excessive tread wear and can make the tires more vulnerable to road hazards such as potholes and road debris. Underinflated tires often result in decreased performance, lower fuel economy and shortened tire life. The optimum air pressure level for tires can be found on the inner side of the car door, inside the fuel cap or in the car manual. Before using an air pressure gauge to check the pressure levels, the vehicle should be inactive for at least three hours.

2. Tire tread

Vehicle traction is top of mind especially when doing log drives. Ideal traction starts with healthy tread wear, as the deeper the groove (or tread), the better the tire grips to the road. To determine if a tire’s tread is too worn, simply take a penny and insert it heads-down into the tread of the tire.

3. Wear and tear

While checking the tread, be sure to also inspect for bumps, bruises or other visible damage to the tires that could impact driving performance and tire pressure levels. A bulge or bubble on a tire’s sidewall is not easy to spot, but can indicate an air leak or tire defect, which can have a significant impact on performance and safety. If there is a defect, be sure to swap tires that match the driver’s vehicle, driving style and geographic location.

4. Tire alignment

Before embarking on a long trip, it’s smart to check the vehicle’s wheel alignment. Hankook recommends drivers check their wheel alignment during annual inspections or for every 12,000 miles driven. If wheel alignment is off, the tire life is shortened and mileage performance decreases. When properly maintained, wheel alignment helps prevent vibration, skidding, road noise and abnormal tread wear.

5. Spare tire

Drivers who end up on the side of the road with a flat tire will be thankful they checked their spare before leaving the driveway. Don’t take having a spare for granted.

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