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Tips to make Driving under heavy Rain and Wind Safer

It’s the rainy days here in Myanmar and we have here some tips that our readers can follow to help making driving under extreme rains and winds a lot more safer Driving in Heavy Winds Wind may seem like a minor risk, but this weather condition deserves special consideration from …

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Tips on how to go through traffic safer and easier

It’s so easy to let the driving environment dictate our state of mind. A total standstill makes us impatient. Traffic enforcers who hang around idly infuriate us. The odd potholes have us cringing when we land in them. The never-ending road repairs make us shake our heads. And when we …

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6 Reasons You Should Own a Dashcam

While you could easily put a camera in just about anything these days, it actually makes sense to have one in your car. Think about it: We see so many acts of unbelievable stupidity on the road. Doesn’t it make sense to keep a visual record? That guy who cut …

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Is Parking Backward better than Parking Forward?

Whenever I drive around I constantly try to determine how I should be Parking. For arguments sake we will be focusing first between forward and back parking. Let’s reserve the parallel parking for a whole new different topic. So which one is better? or maybe which one is easier? Which …

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5 Most Commonly Replaced Car Parts and When to Change Them

Routine vehicle maintenance includes replacing car parts that fail due to normal wear and tear or a lack of proper maintenance. The following car parts are the ones that are most commonly replaced on cars and trucks. BATTERY When your vehicle’s battery starts to age, performance suffers and risk of …

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