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Featured Car Club – Myanmar Mark 2 Family

During Thingyan when I was just going around to experience and enjoy the festivities, I noticed two Mark 2 cars speeding down the road. Those 2 cars looked really amazing and I said I need to feature those cars for the readers to see. I chased them and it was …

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Featured Car Club – Passo Club Myanmar (PCM)

Great things start from small beginnings, this is what Passo Club Myanmar believes in. Though the Club was founded 2 years ago Passo Club Myanmar is planning to do a re launch with the hopes of attracting more members to join. Passo Club Myanmar hopes of becoming one of the …

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Featured Car Club – Myanmar Honda Fit Club

Here’s a Car Club that will be so easy to see on the roads of Myanmar. This Car Club is one of the biggest Car Club in the Country and is growing even bigger. Myanmarspeed.com readers meet “Myanmar Honda Fit Club”. This Club is not just about having fun but …

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Black List Car Club

Don’t be fooled by the name but they are no bad guys. Blacklist Car Club was founded October 2012 and is a club born out of friendship. Unlike any other clubs the only way you get to join theclub is if you get invited to it. Black List as what …

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